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Rear Discharge Spreaders

The Fliegl push-off manure spreader ADS has almost nothing in common with conventional manure spreaders. Instead of a high maintenance scraper floor on wooden planks that is susceptible to failure, it is equipped with a steel trough from the original Fliegl push-off system, which has been reliably used many times under difficult conditions on the land, in forests and in the building industry. The ADS is efficient, durable, low-maintenance and works precisely. Based on a special request from contractors, machine operators and farmers with large areas to work, Fliegl has developed a special vehicle for the application and distribution of solid manure, compost, dry exploited substrates from biogas plants and other organic matter.

The vehicle can be driven and operated securely even on sloping terrain – thanks to its low center of gravity and wide track. The robust spreading mechanism with vertically mounted milling drums and with a spreading width of about twelve metres can process both dry and moist matter. The spreading pattern is optimized by an hydraulic draw-bar tilting cylinder, which adjusts the inclination of the trough, which effects the working width.

The spreading unit is driven by a power take-off shaft. The feed rate regulation of the sliding floor, which is controlled by a mechanical or an electrical potentiometer, controls the application rate. The push-off manure spreading ADS belongs to the future. They guarantee economic use not just in large establishments but also with agricultural sub-contractors.

  • High stability – low center of gravity
  • With proven push-off technology
  • Unlike moving floors there are no delicate parts to wear out
  • Optimum solid manure output with maximum spreading width (approx. 12m)
  • Ideal: Adjustment of the distribution pattern via hydraulic tipping cylinder
  • Load volumes from 9 – 14 m³

Ideal: Adjustment of the distribution pattern via hydraulic tipping cylinder load volumes from 9 – 14 m³

Optional: Digital weighing system “DigiTouchMobile”